Deploying Machine Learning Models

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  • Introduction
    • Welcome to the first week of Deploying Machine Learning Models! We will go over the syllabus, download all course materials, and get your system up and running for the course. We will also introduce the basics of recommender systems and differentiate it from other types of machine learning
  • Implementing Recommender Systems
    • This week, we will learn how to implement a similarity-based recommender, returning predictions similar to an user's given item. We will cover how to optimize these models based on gradient descent and Jaccard similarity.
  • Deploying Recommender Systems
    • This week, we will learn about Python web server frameworks and the overall structure of interactive Python data applications. We will also cover some tips for best practices on deploying and monitoring your applications.
  • Project 4: Recommender System
    • For this final project, you will build a recommender system of your own. Find a dataset, clean it, and create a predictive system from the dataset. This will help prepare you for the upcoming capstone, where you will harness your skills from all courses of this specialization into one single project!
  • Capstone
    • Time to put all your hard work to the test! This capstone project consists of four components, each drawing from a separate course in this specialization. It's time to show off everything you've learned from this specialization.