Delhi Sultanate (1206-1550)

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Week 1
1)Early Medieval Period – Historiography and Debates 2) Sources of Early Medieval Indian History 3) Arab, Ghaznavid and Ghorid Invasions of India 4)Political developments of the Early Medieval India

Week 2
5) Economy during early medieval period 6) Urban Economy of Early Medieval India 7) The rise and growth of regional languages between 650 and 1200AD 8)Indian Art and architecture between 650 & AD 1200 AD

Week 3
9) Schools of Philosophy & Religious cults 10)Influence of Shakti Cult and Mother Goddess Worship 11) Science and Technology in early Medieval India 12)Caste structure in Early Medieval Period

Week 4
13)Gender Relations in Early Medieval Indian Society 14) Sources of History for Delhi Sultanate 15) Political Structure of the Delhi Sultanate 13th & 14th Centuries 16) The Administrative System of The Delhi Sultanate

Week 5
17)Political Structure of Delhi Sultanate 15th & 16th Centuries 18) Sher Shah – The Afghan Sultan 19) Agriculture and Rural Revenue System during the Delhi Sultanate 20) Urban Economy and Technology during the Delhi Sultanate

Week 6
21) Market Regulations and Indian Ocean Trade during the Delhi Sultanate 22) Sufism during the Delhi Sultanate 23) The Bhakti Movement In India 24) Sultanate Architecture

Week 7
25) Development of Language & Literature 26) Persian Literature during the Delhi Sultanate Period 27) Socio Political Formations and the Economy of Rajasthan 28) Socio Political Formations and the economy of the Deccan

Week 8
29) Socio-economic and Political formations of the Vijayanagar Empire 30) Regional Architecture during the Delhi Sultanate Period