Decision Support System for Managers

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This course is designed with the purpose of making the participant an effective user as well as a builder of Decision Support systems (DSS). The course is application oriented and particularly focused towards solving semi-structured decision problems faced by managers in manufacturing and service organizations.

Management, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and related disciplines. PREREQUISITES :No Pre-requisitesINDUSTRIES SUPPORT :Tata Group of Industries, Multinationals, L&T, and similar such manufacturing and service organizations including IT companies



Week 1:Introduction to Decision Support Systems (DSS) – Different types of Managerial Decision Problems and the Role of a DSS in solving them. Management Information System versus DSS, Range of Capabilities of a DSS, Components of a DSS, Examples of DSS, Basics of DSS Design Cycle.Week 2:Models in Decision Support Systems – What is a Model? Classification of Models, Purpose of Modeling in DSS, Solution Techniques: Optimization, Heuristics, and Simulation, Traditional approach to modeling and its weaknesses, Desirable features for Models in DSS, Models and Managers: The Concept of a Decision Calculus’.Week 3:Decision Support System for Evaluation of Investment ProposalsWeek 4:Decision Support System for Materials Managers
Week 5:Decision Support System for Forecasting Demand for Independent Items – single and multi-period forecasting, forecasting for products with intermittent demandWeek 6:Decision Support System for Determination of Product Mix – product choice and bundling decisions, product mix decisionsWeek 7:Decision Support System for Production Distribution Problem for a Multi-Product and a Multi-Unit Organization Week 8:Decision Support System for Vehicle Scheduling
Week 9:Decision Support System for Customer Centric Value Driven Decisions – designing the service systemWeek 10:Decision Support System for Human Resources FunctionWeek 11:Decision Support System for Distribution Network Design in a Supply NetworkWeek 12:Decision Support System for Pricing Decisions