Decision Modeling

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Week 1: Decision Analysis: Introduction to Decision modeling, Probability Concepts, Decision modeling for deterministic, uncertainty, and risk situations. Week 2: Decision Analysis: Bayes Theorem, Decision Making with and without Experimentation, Decision Trees Week 3: Waiting Line Models: Elements of Queuing models, Queuing models based on the birth-and-death process Week 4: Waiting Line Models: Priority-Discipline Queuing Models, Finite population models, Queuing cost models Week 5: Simulation: Discrete-Event Simulation modelling, Random numbers and Random Variates, Input Modelling and Output analysis Week 6: Simulation: Continuous Simulation, System Dynamics Week 7: Network Models: Introduction to Graph theory, Tree and Spanning Tree, Maximal Flow algorithms Week 8: Network Models: Maximal Flow algorithms (continued), Shortest Path algorithms