Decision making with spreadsheet

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Week 1: Introduction to Decision making in spreadsheet – 1,Introduction to Decision making in spreadsheet – 2,Linear Programming Problem – Graphical Solution Method and Computer solutions – 1,Linear Programming Problem – Graphical Solution Method and Computer solutions – 2,Minimisation Problem and special cases of LPP - 1
Week 2: Minimisation Problem and special cases of LPP - 2,Sensitivity Analysis - 1,Sensitivity Analysis - 2,LP Applications in Marketing - 1,LP Applications in Marketing -2
Week 3: LP Applications in Finance - 1,LP Applications in Finance - 2,LP Applications in Operations - 1,LP Applications in Operations – 2,LP Applications in Operations – 3
Week 4: LP Applications in Operations – Blending,LP Applications –Supply Chain Management,LP Applications –Revenue Management - 1,LP Applications –Revenue Management - 2,Advanced Linear Programming Applications
Week 5: Portfolio models and Asset allocation Game theory - 1,Game theory - 2,Shortest-route problem Maximal flow problem
Week 6: A production and inventory application of LPP Integer linear programming,Applications involving 0 – 1 variables,Modelling flexibility provided by 0-1 integer variables Nonlinear Optimization Models
Week 7: Constructing an index fund problem with LPP,Markowitz portfolio model Project scheduling: pert/cpm,Project scheduling considering expected activity times
Week 8: Project scheduling considering uncertain activity times,Considering time–cost trade-offs,Inventory models-Economic order quantity (eoq) model,Economic production lot size model
Week 9: Inventory model with planned shortages, Quantity discounts for the EOQ model,Single-period inventory model with probabilistic demand,Order-quantity, reorder point model with probabilistic demand,Periodic review model with probabilistic demand
Week 10: Waiting Line Models Structure of a waiting line system,Single-server waiting line model with poisson arrivals,Multiple-server waiting line model with poisson arrivals,Other waiting line models
Week 11: Simulation Risk analysis,Inventory simulation,Other simulation issues,Decision Analysis
Week 12: Multi criteria Decisions,Time Series Analysis and Forecasting Time Series Patterns Moving Averages and Exponential Smoothing,Seasonality Conclusion