Deal Structures in Project Finance

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The Alaska Oil Pipeline is one example of a massive public private partnership. Learn how project finance principles and concepts are used in this deal and others, as well as how the legal and operating environment and customer segments impact these partnerships.

In addition to the Alaska Oil Pipeline, we’ll review other major PPPs including Eurotunnel, San Roque Hydroelectric Dam, Euro Disneyland, Albania Cell Phone, and Emirates Aluminum. You’ll also learn about the lender checklist and go over a case study in the United States before wrapping up this course.

This course is part of the New York Institute of Finance’s popular Project Finance and the Public Private Partnerships Professional Certificate program.


  • Lesson 1: Types of Deals
  • Lesson 2: Legal and Operating Environment
  • Lesson 3: Customer Category
  • Lesson 4: Examples of Projects
  • Lesson 5: Lender Checklist
  • Lesson 6: Recap