Database Operations in MariaDB Using Python From Infosys

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Have you ever imagined performing various operations on a database without writing a single query? Did you know that Python can be used to accomplish these task effortlessly?

By taking this Guided Project, you will be able to accomplish exactly this task!

“Database Operations in MariaDB using Python” is for any system or database administrator who wants to automate their daily tasks of performing routine operations on a database.

By the end of this 1-hour long Guided Project, you will have created scripts written in Python to perform various database operations in a MariaDB server.

Get ready to easily CREATE, READ, UPDATE and DELETE employee data from a table within a company’s server.

Brought to you by Infosys, a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, this project is created by a certified Technology Associate in Python Programming, and Technology Analyst at Infosys.

Let's get started!