Database Design and Basic SQL in PostgreSQL

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  • Introduction to SQL
    • In this first week, you will hear more about the goals of this course. You'll learn about the people and organizations instrumental to building the SQL standard, learn to differentiate between relational databases and flat files, and utilize psql and SQL commands to create, read, update, and delete tables in a PostgreSQL database.
  • Single Table SQL
    • This week, you'll learn to recall and utilize common psql commands, create a database using command line prompts, and utilize common SQL commands, including INSERT INTO, WHERE, and ORDER BY.
  • One-To-Many Data Models
    • This week focuses on relational database design and one-to-many data models. You'll also learn the functions of primary, logical, and foreign keys within a database, and how to reconnect rows with corresponding data in a table.
  • Many-To-Many Data Models
    • The final week in this course focuses on many-to-many data models. You'll soon be able to differentiate between one-to-many and many-to-many relationships, and as well as normalize and insert data items into a connected set of many-to-many tables.