Data Structure and algorithms using Java

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With the growth of Information and Communication Technology, there is a need to develop large and complex software. For developing large software, software developers should have enough proficiency of data structures and algorithms. Further, those software should be platform independent, Internet enabled, easy to modify, secure, and robust. To meet this requirement object-oriented paradigm has been developed and based on this paradigm the Java programming language emerges as the best programming environment. Now, Java programming language is being used for mobile programming, Internet programming, and many other applications compatible to distributed systems. This course aims to cover the essential topics of data structures and algorithms and how the same can be implemented using Java programming language. The participants of the proposed course will be able to improve their skills, to cope with the current demand of IT industries and solve many problems in their own filed of studies.

The undergraduate students from the engineering disciplines, namely CSE, IT, EE, ECE, etc. might be interested for this course.PREREQUISITES :This course requires that the students are familiar with programming language such as C/C++/Java, data structures and algorithms.INDUSTRIES SUPPORT :All IT companies.



Week 1: 1D array, list and vector, 2D matrices and tables of objectsWeek 2: Java implementation of 1D and 2D arrays and its operationsWeek 3: Linked lists and its various operations, stack and queueWeek 4: Java implementation of linked lists, stack and queueWeek 5: Binary trees: Representation and operations. Variations of binary tree: Binary search tree, Height balanced search tree, Heap treeWeek 6: Java implementation of binary trees and its variationsWeek 7: Graph : Structure, representation and operationsWeek 8: Java implementations of graph data structuresWeek 9: Algorithms (Part-I): Searching and sorting algorithms Week 10:Java implementation of Part-I algorithmsWeek 11:Algorithms (Part-II): Greedy algorithms, shortest path algorithmsWeek 12:Java implementation of Part-II algorithms