Data Science for Business Innovation

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  • Introduction to Data-driven Business
    • This module introduces the course and offers some basic overview of the topics. It presents the crucial concepts related to data science and big data and provides an outlook on how to use them in real world settings for increasing business value.
  • Terminology and Foundational Concepts
    • In this module, you will learn the foundational concepts of machine learning and data science. You will understand how these techniques can be useful in terms of increased business value for organizations, thanks to the discussion of a very well known success story, namely Netflix, which can be deemed as a completely data-driven business. You will also understand how machine learning is different from programming.
  • Data Science Methods for Business
    • In this module, you will learn the concepts and intuitions about the basic approaches for data analysis, including linear regression, naive Bayes, decision trees, clustering, and logistic regression. All the methods are presented starting from typical business uses and are covered in an intuitive way through a guided explanation of how the approach works on simple examples.
  • Challenges and Conclusions
    • This module summarizes the concepts learned so far and introduces a set of challenges and risks that data-savvy managers must take into account when deciding for a data-driven strategy.