Data Science Capstone

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  • Overview, Understanding the Problem, and Getting the Data
    • This week, we introduce the project so you can get a clear grip on the problem at hand and begin working with the dataset.
  • Exploratory Data Analysis and Modeling
    • This week, we move on to the next tasks, exploratory data analysis and modeling. You'll also submit your milestone report and review submissions from your classmates.
  • Prediction Model
    • This week, you'll build and evaluate your prediction model. The goal is to make your model efficient and accurate.
  • Creative Exploration
    • This week's goal is to improve the predictive accuracy while reducing computational runtime and model complexity.
  • Data Product
    • This week, you'll work on developing the first component of your final project, your data product.
  • Slide Deck
    • This week, you'll work on developing the second component of your final project, a slide deck to accompany your data product.
  • Final Project Submission and Evaluation
    • This week, you'll submit your final project and review the work of your classmates.