Data Science as a Field

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  • Introduction to Data Science: the Past, Present, and Future of a New Discipline
    • This week we will talk about the past, present and future of data science. The growth of data science has been fueled by the growth of the internet, social media and online shopping as well as by the rapid increases in data storage capabilities. You will watch several short videos and participate in discussions about the future of data science.
  • Data Science in Industry, Government, and Academia
    • This week you will watch videos and have a reading on some applications of data science in industry and academia. You will hear from data scientists in different fields to find out how they use data science.
  • Data Science Process and Pitfalls
    • This week you will learn about the importance of reproducibility and how to achieve it, learn the steps in a data analysis process and learn about the possible pitfalls in data science. You will watch demonstrating the various steps in the data science process and try out these processes for yourself on a different dataset.
  • Communicating Your Results
    • This week you will learn about important ways of communicating your results. We will discuss the important things to know about presentations and reports. You will also learn about the importance of networking and try it out.