• Privacy in the Digital Age
    • In this module we will be introduced to some background information and foundational concepts of digital age privacy. You will see some of the history of it and consider the quandary that comes with trying to define privacy. Questions about the realities of securing personal data information will also be considered.
  • Risks in Data Privacy
    • In this module we begin to contemplate what threatens our privacy in this digital age and the steps we can we take to protect it. Also, we will take a deep look into the growing influence of smart devices and artificial intelligence and consider whether or not they help or hinder human beings.
  • Frameworks of Data Privacy Law
    • In this module we will explore privacy and the law and how it pertains to privacy in the media, in surveillance situations and in protecting personal data information. Finally, we will see how privacy regimes are functioning outside of the United States and make comparisons on approaches to privacy and how it is regulated.