Data Mining Methods

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  • Frequent Pattern Analysis
    • This module starts with an overview of data mining methods, then focuses on frequent pattern analysis, including the Apriori algorithm and FP-growth algorithm for frequent itemset mining, as well as association rules and correlation analysis.
  • Classification
    • This module introduces supervised learning, classification, prediction, and covers several core classification methods including decision tree induction, Bayesian classification, support vector machines, neural networks, and ensemble methods. It also discusses classification model evaluation and comparison.
  • Clustering
    • This module introduces unsupervised learning, clustering, and covers several core clustering methods including partitioning, hierarchical, grid-based, density-based, and probabilistic clustering. Advanced topics for high-dimensional clustering, bi-clustering, graph clustering, and constraint-based clustering are also discussed.
  • Outlier Analysis
    • This module discusses three different types of outliers (global, contextual, and collective) and how different methods may be used to identify and analyze such outliers. It also covers some advanced methods for mining complex data, as well as the research frontiers of the data mining field.