Data Literacy – What is it and why does it matter?

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  • Your Life as Data
    • If you use Google and have a look at your Google Dashboard you will probably be amazed by how much data this company has collected about your online activities. Now think about all the other internet services, social media sites, and databases that may have a file on you, your health, your actions and inclinations. In this module, we will explore user tracking and information harvesting, define personal data and discuss the limits in managing your personal data disclosure. Consequently, we will present the legal framework for data protection and processing.
  • Networked Data, Truth and Democracy
    • In this module we expand on Module 1 by looking at how networked data and algorithms affect the way we see the world. From global dissemination of best practices and life improving technologies to the spread of hate and radicalization, we trace the mechanisms by which data-driven technologies can add value to people’s lives, and how they can exploit human vulnerabilities.
  • Data-driven Knowledge Production
    • Big data and novel computational methods have revolutionized the way we create knowledge. We will show by example how this knowledge is used and what it implies for the future of humanity. We look at AI-research, computational social science, machine learning and education, and through these examples, we will try to cultivate a deeper understanding of how data-driven technologies are shaping the social fabric, how they augment human capabilities, and may improve our stewardship of spaceship earth.