Data Literacy Capstone – Evaluating Research

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  • Capstone Project Overview
    • Welcome to the Capstone Course for the Data Literacy Specialization! The capstone project will allow you to apply the knowledge and skills you've acquired throughout the specialization to the evaluation of a published piece of scholarly work. In this first module, I'll present an overview of the project's purpose and components.
  • Locating Quality Scholarship
    • In this module, I'll present information that will help you identify an article or report that you'll evaluate for the capstone project. We'll explore sources that frequently publish high-quality, original, quantitative research. We'll also discuss the difference between primary and secondary research.
  • Final Paper Submission
    • Welcome to the final module in the Data Literacy Specialization. In this module, you'll complete and submit your capstone project via the peer review system. You'll also review three submissions from other students in the specialization. I hope this specialization has given you a set of tools and skills that empower you to be a critical consumer and user of quantitative research.