Data Base Management Systems

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Week 1
Introduction to DBMS,Filed based systems and its issuesThree level architectureDML and DDLQuery processing and transaction management

Week 2
Relational data modeldatabase designRelational integrityconstraintsReferential integrityRelational algebraOperations in relational algebra
Week 3
Tuple and Domain Relational calculusER modelling,Constraints and cardinality relationshipsExtended ER modelSpecialization and GeneralizationER and EER model of relational mappings
Week 4
Group by queriesNested queries JoinViews,Integrity and Constraints,Assertion,Triggers
Week 5
Database designs,Anomalies, Functional Dependency,normalization, closure of FD,Armstrong algorithms
Week 6

1NF, 2 NF, 3 NF, BCNF and Decomposition
Week 7
Transactions and Recovery, ACID properties, Roll back and Commit, Concurrency execution, Serialisation
Week 8

Precedence graphs, Recoverable Schedule, Concurrency control, Lock and Lock based protocol,Deadlock detection, Time stamping, Failures and Recovery, Distributed Recovery, Two Phase Commit
Week 9
Storage structure, file organisation, Recovery and atomicity,Performance measures of discs, Database management, RAID levels
Week 10
Indices, B+ Tree, Hashing, Bitmap indices
Week 11
Query processing for different queries, sorting and different joins, Query optimizations
Week 12
Database Security, Data mining models and techniques, Distributed Databases, GIS