Cybersecurity and Mobility

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  • Welcome to the Course!
    • Welcome! In this module, you will be introduced to cybersecurity, mobility, and to the organization for this course. You will also see Chris and Mandy from SAP for the first time. They will be with us throughout the course. At the end of the module, you will have a chance to gauge your incoming knowledge of some of the concepts that will be presented in this course. If you struggle to answer any of the questions in this quiz, that's good! That means this course will be a good fit for you, where you will learn these answers and more! Also, all videos in this course have embedded quizzes. Hope you enjoy the learning process.
  • Mobility Inc.
    • In this module you will be exposed to everything that is mobility. You will learn that mobility is not just about smartphones and tablets. In the context of the Internet of Things, it has become a much broader concept. You will also be introduced to how the entire global workforce trend toward mobility changes the way businesses operate.
  • Cybersecurity
    • In this module we will cover issues pertaining to cybersecurity and its relevance in today’s connected world. You will learn how mobility has been a true game changer in relation to the cyber realm. Corporate IT boundaries are no longer constrained to a building. Increasingly, more and more people have the capacity to connect remotely using various means. This absolutely has cybersecurity implications.
  • What's Next?
    • In this module we will cover areas that point to the future of cybersecurity and mobility. Mobility will continue to evolve as will IoT and things that are not even on our radar presently. For that reason you will be introduced to the Gartner Hype Cycle, which will provide you with a view industry usually has about various technologies and how they may fare in the long term.