Customer Relationship Management

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Background – Companies try to acquire and retail customers, so does competitors. Therefore success will depend on who does it better. Wh various marketing programs help in acquiring, the results are not alwa positive, more so in case of customer retention. This is when Custom Relationship Management comes in to play with helps in both winning a retaining customers thus ensuring long term profitably. It is also helpi businesses shift from a short-term transaction based mode of operation their interactions with customers to a long-term relationship mode.
Objectives – The objective of this course is to help students understand t concept and practice of CRM derived from research and applications acr businesses. These concepts and applications from real life case studies help identify opportunities, which can be successfully implemented for lo term profitability.
PREREQUISITES :Marketing Management
INDUSTRIES SUPPORT :All companies where marketing is required



Week 1:Strategic and Conceptual Foundations of CRMWeek 2:Building Customer Relationships (and Case Analysis)Week 3:Economics of CRM (and Case Analysis)Week 4:CRM for B2C Markets (and Case Analysis)
Week 5:CRM for B2B Markets (and Case Analysis)Week 6:Technology in CRMWeek 7:The CRM Roadmap & Operational issues in implementing CRMWeek 8:CRM Analytics (and Case Analysis)