Current Issues in Secure Development

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Prepare for your final assessment with supported revision that covers the range of topics studied so far, including security legislation, secure design principles, formal modelling, hazard analysis, and model checking.

Work will be structured around a series of exercises and case scenarios to offer you a structured approach to preparing for this ExpertTrack’s final assignment.

Revise your knowledge of security standards and legislation

Review and reflect on some of the key concepts covered here. You’ll be presented with a number of scenarios that reflect on how cyber security interacts with the system development life cycle, and how secure design principles can be implemented in real-life systems.

Gain confidence in hazard analysis and formal verification techniques

This is an opportunity to review your knowledge of developing and implementing robust security systems. You’ll be presented with further exercises in formal verification techniques, computation tree logic application, and secure programming principles.

Upon completion of this course, you will have a full overview of the cyber security ExpertTrack and will be ready to get started on the final assessment to gain your certification.

This ExpertTrack is suited to people looking to increase their understanding of software development lifecycle and security considerations. It has been designed for security analysts, security architects, software developers, and aspiring security specialists.