Crystal Structures and Properties of Metals

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  • Crystal Structures, Mechanical Properties of Metals, Tensile Testing and Failures
    • In this course, we will present atomic bonding and its relation to crystal structure and physical properties. A particular focus will be on the different types of cubic structures. There will be an introduction to planes and Miller Indices. We will discuss the principal planes in the cubic system. Their common crystallographic defects will be shown and discussed. Finally, the tensile test will be used to extract various materials parameters.
  • Module 1: Crystal Structures
    • The semiconductor industry requires scientists and engineers with a deep understanding of materials science and engineering. In this module, we will see a high-level overview of materials science and engineering, and learn about materials selection, materials families, types of bonding, and processing of materials.
  • Module 2: Crystal Structures
    • In this module, we cover crystal structures, crystal imperfections and defects in crystals.
  • Module 3: Mechanical Properties
    • In this module, we will explore the mechanical properties of materials and discuss the tensile testing of materials.
  • Module 4: Mechanical Properties
    • In this module, you will explore mechanical properties and failure of materials.