Critical Thinking in Practice: Key Skills for NEAs and EPQs

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Enhance your critical thinking and writing skills

Critical thinking allows us to observe and analyse data to construct logical conclusions or arguments. The skills used in critical thinking are central to academia.

This six-week course from the School of Media and Communication at the University of Westminster will guide you in understanding the key factors and processes behind critical thinking.

With this knowledge, you’ll develop the critical thinking and writing skills required to complete NEAs and EPQs to the highest quality.

Discover research methods to support your projects

Your ability to conduct research successfully is an essential component of your NEA or EPQ.

This course will provide you with a framework of research and cognitive skills to help you fully explore your chosen topic area.

You’ll also examine the benefits of different forms of research and data collection and find the right approach to support your work.

Explore data collection and analysis methods for your sources

Data collection and analysis allow you to evaluate the quality of your sources and interpret bias across a wide range of work.

You’ll develop the skills to critically examine sources for validity and find valuable data to inform your project.

Learn with the experts at the University of Westminster

The School of Media and Communication within the University of Westminster has extensive experience in working with schools to develop resources and workshops to support NEAs and EPQs.

With the expertise of experienced staff and a chartered teacher, you will be fully supported in developing your critical thinking skills and mastering your NEAs and EPQs.

This course is designed for post-16 learners undertaking NEAs as part of the A-Levels or who might be working on an EPQ.

It will also be useful to first-year students or those who are interested or need a refresher in critical thinking.