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This course is based on UGC Curriculum and presented as a two credit elective course. The objective of this course is to make the students familiar to the Criminalistics. Let’s have a short overview of this course: the entire course has been divided in two parts. The first part deals with crime scene whereas the second will provide information about different types of physical evidences found at crime scene. So, first of all, we will understand about the crime scene investigation, its management, how evidences are located at crime scene, sketching, photography, documentation etc. Moreover, crime scene reconstruction, what precaution should be taken while transportation physical evidence from one place to another place.In continuation, after having a general idea of crime scene we will now learn about physical evidence which allow us to know about collection, packing, labelling, forwarding of physical evidence from crime scene to forensic science laboratory. Not only this, we would like cover different classification of physical evidence and basic introduction about physical evidence most commonly found at crime scene



Week 1 : Investigation of crimes, Scene of crime part 1st Scene of crime part 2nd
Week 2 : Scene of crime part 3rd, Scene of crime part 4th, Scene of crime part 5th
Week 3 : Scene of crime part 6th, Scene of crime part 7th, Chain of custody
Week 4 : Physical evidence part 1st, Physical evidence part 2nd, Physical evidence part 4th
Week 5 : Analytical sample, Sample handling, Introduction to soil
Week 6 : Introduction of tool marks, Forensic significance of paint part-I, Forensic significance of paint part-II
Week 7 : Introduction of glass, Glass evidence part-I, Glass evidence part-II
Week 8 : Forensic significance of fiber part-I, Forensic significance of fiber part-II