Creativity, Innovation and Transformation

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Our lives are being disrupted by pandemics, global warming, wars, political chaos, and technological innovations.

We must prepare for an unpredictable and unknown future - and this is the goal of the course on Creativity, Innovation and Transformation (CIT)! CIT is an upgrade of the former Creativity, Innovation and Change (CIC) course, which is now streamlined and updated with a new module on Transformation.

The course consists of four main Modules:

Innovation Toolbox
Creative Diversity

The course offers unique ways to:

Discover our unique creative and innovative nature
Grow our sense of responsibility to ourselves and our community
Transform our inner world into higher moral and ethical states
Appreciate unexpected beauty and deeper meaning in our lives.

Through a blend of rich and fresh perspectives on topics of creativity, innovation, and transformation, the course contributes to making us aware of our unique creative selves and how we can unfold our individuality in a world of disruptions and differences in great need of everyone’s creative, innovative and transformative potential!

Welcome to CIT MOOC!

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