Creative Marketing for Behaviour Change, Sustainability and Social Good

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Discover how to be creative in your marketing communication

Modern marketing needs to respond to increasing environmental and social challenges – like climate change – that are driving the degradation of our natural and social worlds.

On this five-week course, you’ll be introduced to the theory of creative marketing and how you can use it to encourage behaviour change for environmental conservation, sustainable development, and social change.

You’ll develop a project-driven campaign based on creative marketing strategies and content production, with a particular focus on filmmaking.

Explore sustainable marketing for the future

By developing an understanding of how to create marketing content and how to use it in a variety of contexts, you’ll gain contemporary skills that are increasingly sought-after by business, academic, and social agencies.

As you discover key video production techniques and behaviour change marketing, you’ll learn how to use these to create sustainable marketing for a better future. You’ll also delve into community-based social marketing and strategic marketing to further help your cause.

Learn from the experts at the University of Otago

Guided by the specialists at University of Otago, New Zealand, you’ll explore real-life examples of how companies have applied sustainable practice to creative marketing.

Examining New Zealand and international companies and how they work the medium of communication for social and brand-related information, you’ll gain valuable insights into creative branding and marketing to understand how to use it in your own practices.

This course is designed for students and working professionals interested in creative marketing and communication. The course will also cover behaviour change and creative content production skills, especially mobile filmmaking.

Business, government agencies, as well as non-governmental organisations and non-profit environmental organisations may also find this course useful.

To take part in this course you will need a cellphone capable of filming 1080 Video, a computer, and any available video editing software.