Creating Cutscenes in Unity

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  • Developing a Cutscene
    • Welcome to the course. In this first section, you’ll be introduced to the Challenge/Solution format of this course, then start work laying out the environment for an exciting cutscene from the Sci-Fi Adventure Game.
  • Creating LOD Groups
    • One of the 3D Models in your cutscene is not as optimized as it could be. In this section, you'll create Level of Detail (LOD) Groups to help improve performance.
  • Creating Particle Effects
    • The storyboards for your cutscene show a specific particle effect that needs to be implemented. In the project work for this section, you'll create a particle system to match the one in the concept art.
  • Creating Camera Shots
    • With the scene and all of its objects properly laid out, it's time to create and position the cameras to capture the action in the cutscene. In the project work for this section, you'll block out the camera shots using the appropriate type and configuration of cameras.
  • Animating Cameras and Working with Timeline
    • Unity's Timeline feature makes animation a snap. In this week's project work, you'll use Timeline to "direct" the animation and camera movement for the cutscene.
  • Creating the Skip Button
    • Not everyone likes to watch cutscenes, however brilliant they may be. So now you'll create a "Skip" button with some 2D UI and existing scripts.
  • Course Final Project
    • For the final project in this course, you'll augment the cut scene you've created with a few more shots. Get creative for this, the last Challenge in the Specialization,