Create the User Interface in UIKit and SwiftUI

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In this course learners will learn how to build meaningful and functional user interfaces for iOS using Swift and UI frameworks.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

-Utilize a range of different approaches for building UI with Swift
-Build a basic UI with the Swift Interface Builder
-Create and control UI views with the UIKit framework
-Create simple applications with the UIKit framework
-Build interfaces using the SwiftUI framework
-Utilize lists and forms in SwiftUI in order to build frameworks
-Organize UI with the use of containers
-Create stylish UI using advanced views
-Enhance views with the use of transformations, drawings and animations

You’ll gain experience with the following tools and software:

-Swift UI framework
-Interface building software
-UIKit application and view building features
-Lists and forms
-UI containers
-UI transformation, drawing and animation tools