Create and Lead an Ethical Data-Driven Organization

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  • Promote an Ethical Organizational Culture
    • The first module in this course begins by outlining strategies for building ethics into the organization's culture. An ethical culture promotes ethical behavior in all areas of the business and encourages all internal stakeholders to engage in ethical behavior, regardless of department or individual roles and responsibilities.
  • Maintain Ethical Considerations in Governance and Policy Making
    • In this module, you'll explore some of the foremost ethical issues and principles that an organization must consider integrating into its governance and policies. Many of these considerations will be crucial to the process of building an ethical organization.
  • Develop and Deploy a Code of Ethics
    • In this module, you'll begin work on a code of ethics, an important building block for any organization that wishes to promote ethical behavior in the development of its data-driven technologies. You'll explore not only the creation of a code of ethics, but proper methods for deploying that code.
  • Develop and Deploy Ethical Organizational Policies
    • Now that you've created an ethical organizational culture, evaluated key ethical considerations, and developed a code of ethics, you can begin working on the practical implementation of ethics in the form of policies. In this module, you'll develop and deploy policies that ensure your ethical vision is achieved and maintained.
  • Apply What You've Learned
    • You'll work on one or more projects in which you'll apply your knowledge of the material in this course to practical scenarios.