Create A Great Social Media Strategy

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If you are in charge of running Social Media activity for a brand/artist/start up this course if for you. I will give you the tools that you can use tomorrow. I aim to take you past the theory and give you as many action points as possible.

The course is based on my real world learnings from running Social Media Campaigns for Coca-Cola, glaceau vitamin water, Nestle, Boost Mobile, Fosters Beer, Dell Computers, Universal Music and many other top brands. I will fill you in on all the mistakes and wins that I have had along the way and how you can learn from them.

I will go through the basics of setting up goals for success and how to report for them, choosing what social media channel to use, deciding on an idea and what paid media will give you the best response for your money. I will also cover all the mistakes that I have made from creating Social Media Campaigns and make sure you do not do the same thing.

The most valuable part of the course in my opinion is when I can give you feedback on your work. I make sure to give feedback to everyone who completes the homework within 2 to 3 days.

Here is a sample of the Social Campaigns I have run Boost Mobile Textaholics, glaceau vitamin water casting call, Dell alienware,World Gold Council Ring Hunt.

The project reward will be a one on one session with Julian to go through any questions that you have about your social media idea or getting into Digital Strategy.

In October I taught my 3 week course in ‘How to become a Digital Strategist’ to 480 students. My first week lecture on ‘What is Digital Strategy’ has had over 115,000 views on Slideshare. The course was well received, here are some of my favorite endorsements.

"Great information and class! Especially helpful that everything was recorded on Hangouts posted on Youtube + Slideshare, made it easy to accommodate different schedules. Thanks for the personalized feedback!" Kelsey Page 

"Julian clearly took the time to think through his logical and creative frameworks before sharing them with the class - he definitely did not just "wing it." I also appreciated the fact that he was very active in the discussion boards, taking the time to try and respond to a large number of posts there and via Twitter - even with some 400 students. Bravo." Melody Han 

"Amazing. I learnt so much. The toolbox which you have passed on is immense. Clearly a lot of thought and energy has gone into this course and the execution has been excellent." Sarah Habib