Create a Coin Pick-Up and Spending Mechanics in Unity

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In this two-hour, project-based course, you'll learn how to create a currency pick-up mechanic for your game. We'll cover creating a simple heads-up display, setting up collectible coins and purchasable GameObjects, and writing C# scripts to manage the player's on-going balance.

Please note: This guided project does not cover In-Application Purchases (“IAP”), which involves real money; it covers in-game money only.

The guided project will introduce you to the following Unity concepts:
- Particle Effects
- Prefabs
- Colliders, Triggers
- Canvas, Text, Image
- Coding techniques such as UI manipulation, Actions and subscribing to Events

This project makes use of the poly-castle project created in Create Keyboard Movement Mechanics with C# in Unity. It is a complimentary course to this guided project and, although not a prerequisite, is recommended for a more well-rounded understanding of the concepts presented herein.