Crafting Strategies for Innovation Initiatives for Corporate Entrepreneurs

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This course focuses on enhancing your understanding of (1) how an internal venture is organized and (2) how to overcome resistance to your new venture ideas within the company. The course is specifically valuable for:

• Employees who have creative ideas important to their company;
• Managers seeking to assemble creative people and resources;
• Technical specialists desiring to become part of an internal venture; and
• Consultants who advise companies on ways to launch and grow internal ventures.

You will learn strategies to help you launch a corporate venture with coursework focused on four key areas:

• Examining how to audit a company's internal environment to establish a framework for its innovation capabilities;
• Creating a plan for an organizational structure and operational format that incorporates key roles and players for internal ventures within the company;
• Analyzing corporate culture to identify creative capabilities that leverage the company's best practices for innovation;
• Evaluating innovation portfolios and compose innovation strategies that are best aligned with the implementation potential within the company.

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