Corporate Finance Essentials II

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  • Course overview: A Look Back & a Look Ahead to Corporate Finance Essentials
    • In this first module we will first summarize the most important messages of all the topics discussed in Corporate Finance Essentials, and then introduce the topics we will discuss in this follow-up course
  • Market Efficiency
    • In this session we will discuss several issues related to the bedrock concept of market efficiency, one of the cornerstones of modern finance, including its meaning and important implications for investors.
  • Bonds
    • In the third session we will discuss some introductory issues related to bonds, such as terminology, issuers, and types of bonds, as well as their return (yield to maturity) and default risk, including a brief discussion of other sources of risk
  • Stocks
    • In the fourth session we will discuss the valuation of stocks through the method of relative valuation (multiples), including the most widely-used multiples and the issues an analyst needs to deal with in order to use multiples properly for valuation.
  • Capital Structure
    • In the fifth session we will discuss the sources of financing companies use to obtain capital for their projects, a quantitative way to determine the optimal mix of debt and equity, and some relevant qualitative variables.
  • Dividend Policy
    • In the sixth session we will discuss two critical decisions all companies need to make, whether to pay dividends, and if so how much; we will also discuss the variables that must be considered when deciding a dividend policy