Control systems

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Week 1 : Introduction to Control, Classification of Dynamic Systems, Closed Loop Control System with Feedback,Mathematical Preliminaries – Complex Variables, Laplace Transform.Week 2 : Standard Inputs, Free and Forced Response, Transfer Function, Poles and Zeros.Week 3 : Response to various Inputs, Effect of Poles, Notion of Bounded Input Bounded Output (BIBO) stability.Week 4 : Effect of Zeros, Closed Loop Transfer Function, Dynamic Performance Specification, First Order Systems.Week 5 : Second Order Systems, Unit Step Response of Underdamped Second Order Systems, Concepts of Rise Time,Peak Time, Maximum Peak Overshoot and Settling Time.Week 6 : Controllers – Proportional (P), Integral (I) and Derivative (D) Blocks, Examples of PID controller design.Week 7 : Routh’s Stability Criterion, Use in Control Design, Incorporation of Performance Specifications in Controller Design, Analysis of Steady State Errors.Week 8 : Root Locus and its Application in Control Design.Week 9 : Frequency Response, Bode Plots, Nyquist Plots.Week 10 : Nyquist Stability Criterion, Relative Stability – Gain and Phase Margins.Week 11 : Control System Design via Frequency Response – Lead, Lag and Lag-Lead Compensation.Week 12 : Case Studies.