Control engineering

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This course shall introduce the fundamentals of modeling and control of linear time invariant systems; primarily from the classical viewpoint of Laplace transforms and a brief emphasis on the state space formulation as well. The course will be useful for students from major streams of engineering to build foundations of time/frequency analysis of systems as well as the feedback control of such systems. The 11th module of the course will cover a detailed application of filter design in the field of navigation and human movement (gait). Students will be able to design their very own basic navigational system using inertial sensors and microcontrollers.
INTENDED AUDIENCE : Undergraduate students taking course on Control EngineeringPRE-REQUISITES :Network and Circuits,
Basic Engineering Mathematics.
we suggest the NPTEL course on
Networks and Systems by Dr.V.G.K.Murti.
Content in Lectures 1 -6 and 20-29 will be relevant for this course.INDUSTRY SUPPORT :Any industry into Industrial Automation