Control engineering

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Week 1: Mathematical Modelling of SystemsWeek 2: Laplace Transforms, transfer functions, block diagram representation.Week 3: Block diagram reduction, Time response characteristics.Week 4: Introduction to stability, Routh Hurwitz stability criterion.Week 5: Root locus plots, stability margins.Week 6: Frequency response analysis: Nyquist stability criterion, Bode plots and stability margins in frequency domain.Week 7: Basics of control design, the proportional, derivative and integral actions.Week 8: Design using Root LocusWeek 9: Design using Bode plotsWeek 10: Effects of zeros, minimum and non-minimum phase systems.Week 11:State space analysisWeek 12: Design using State space

Thanks to the support from MathWorks, enrolled students have access to MATLAB for the duration of the course.