Continuous Quality Improvement: Tools and Techniques

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Week 1: Introduction to Quality and Quality in Healthcare

About Quality ,The Factory System ,Scientific Management , Life of Taylor, Statistical Quality Control , World War II , History of Japan’s Quality Movement , Present Scenario , Quality in Healthcare , Need of Quality in Healthcare , History of Quality in HealthCare

Week 2: Quality Pioneers and Quality Improvement

Quality Guru like Walter A. Shewhart , Dr. W Edwards Deming , Early life and work , Work in Japan , Later work in U.S, Deming’s 14 points , Joseph M. Juran , Major Points of Joseph M. Juran , Key Ideas of Joseph M. Juran, Quality Trilogy of Joseph M. Juran, Kaoru Ishikawa , Kaoru Ishikawa- One Step Further , Definition of Quality Improvement, Difference between Change & Improvement

Week 3: CQI and Quality Tools

What is CQI , Principles of CQI , Components of CQI Culture , Facilitating Factors, Barriers ,Benefits of CQI and using Tools, Focus , Where to Begin ?, Data , Method of Data Collection , Way to Do Quality Improvement , Quality Tools , Seven Basic Tools

Week 4: PDCA Cycle

PDCA Cycle, PDCA Introduction, PDCA Implementation, Phase of the PDCA Model: Plan & Case Study

Week 5: PDCA Tools and Techniques

PDCA Introduction, Tools & Technique , Cause and Effect Diagram, Pareto Chart , Flow chart , Benefit of PDCA Cycle.

Week 6: Root Cause Analysis

Introduction of RCA , RCA in Healthcare , Purpose of RCA , Characteristics of RCA , RCA assumption , Who is responsible for RCA , Purpose of RCA,Technique of RCA

Week 7: RCA Tools and Techniques

Introduction of RCA Tools and Techniques ,Five Whys, Causal Tree Tool, Five Rules of Causation , Decision Table

Week 8: Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) Implementation, Limitations and Template

Introduction & Objective of FEMA, Type of FEMA , Tool for Predicting FEMA, SFEMA, DFEMA,PFEMA, FEMA in Healthcare , FEMA vs HFEMA

Week 9: Six Sigma

FEMA Implementation, Limitation & template, Implementation Process

Week 10: Lean

Six Sigma : Definition , Six Sigma’s Heroic Goal , Application in Healthcare , Need of Six Sigma , Six Sigma Methodology , DMAIC, DMADV, DMAIC Vs. DMADV , Tools , Affinity Diagram , 5W1H

Week 11: Lean

History of Lean, Lean in Healthcare , Category of Waste, Tactical Tools of Lean, Value –Stream Mapping , 5S, Lean Vs. Six Sigma

Week 12: Lean Six Sigma

Introduction of Lean Six Sigma (6σ) (LSS), Roles and Responsibility of LSS Green Belt (GB), Alignment of Lean Six Sigma (6σ), Statistical Process Control (SPC), Statistical Analysis Tools, Tools for LSS, Future Challenges in LSS.