Contextualizing Gender

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Week 1: Intersecting Gender and Feminism; Feminist Consciousness and Gendered Experiences in Simone de Beauvoir.Week 2: Gender and Race: Black Feminism and Intersectionality.Week 3: Gender Blurring and Unmasking Heterosexual Assumptions: Toni Morrison, Nancy Chodorow and Teresa de Lauretis.Week 4: Introducing Queer Theory: Eve Sedgwick and Gayle Rubin.Week 5: Gender Performativity and the Heterosexual Matrix: Judith Butler.Week 6: Gender, Speech and Subjectivity: Judith Butler.Week 7: Precarity, Assembly and Gender Politics: Judith Butler.Week 8: Gender and Nonconformity: Queer Literature and Global Social Movements.Week 9: Contextualizing Contemporary Masculinities and Approaches to Men's Studies.Week 10: Cyborg Women and Technologies of the Gendered Body: Anne Balsamo.Week 11: Biopolitics of the Gendered Body: Jemima Repo, Emily Cox-Palmer-White and Donna Haraway.Week 12: Post-Human and Post-Woman: Nomadic Subjectivities and the Futures of Gender: Rosi Braidotti and Francesca Ferrando.