Contemporary India and Education

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Give brief about course content / curriculum
The course on Contemporary India and Education will define and describe the importance of Education, the philosophical and historical perspectives of Education
It concentrates on Concept and Types of Diversity , Education and Modern ethos and helps to understand the diversity and the diverse needs of the learners.
It will also discuss about the contemporary issues and concerns related to education.
The course offers an overview of different constitutional provisions, commissions and different acts related to education and special education, and considers the trends in education.



Week – I

1. Definition & Meaning of Education2. Aims of Education3. Philosophy of Education
Week – II4. Historical Perspective of Education in India & Abroad - I5. Historical Perspective of Education in India & Abroad – II6. Agencies of Education: School, family, community and media
Week – III
7. Concept of Diversity and Types of Diversity8. Diversity in learning & Delivering the diverse learning needs9. Education and Modern ethos-Democracy
Week – IV
10. Universalisation of social Education, RTE and social access11. Physical Growth and Motor Development Intellectual Development12. Equal educational opportunity - Constitutional Provision - Minority, weaker sections, Girls
Week – V
13. Role of Government in General and Special Education – I14 Role of Government and Non Government Agencies in General and Special Education-2
Week – VI
15. Constitutional Rights - I16. Constitutional Rights - II17. Various Commissions18. National Commissions - Policies for Inclusive Education
Week – VII
19. Challenges of Education from Preschool to Senior Secondary20. Sarva Shiksha Abiyan21. Non formal Education - 1
Week – VIII
22. Non formal Education - 223. Linguistic Communication & Educational Methods - 124. Modes of Linguistic Communication and Educational Methods -2