Contact Center AI: Operations and Implementation

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  • Course Overview
    • Course introduction
  • Environment Management
    • Environment management is an important part of the process of getting your virtual agent from Draft to Production. This module will guide learners through the basics of environment management.
  • Drawing Insights from Recordings with SAF
    • In this module, you'll be introduced to Speech Analysis Framework which you can use to process recorded conversations into redacted text easily consumed by your business analysts.
  • Intelligence Assistance for Live Agents
    • In this module, you'll be introduced to Agent Assist and the technology it uses so you can delight your customers with the efficiencies and accuracy of services provided when customers require human agents.
  • Compliance and Security
    • In this module, learners discover the importance of compliance and security
  • Best Practices
    • In this module, you'll be given tips from virtual agent subject matter experts on how to avoid mishaps in your design and implementation that will result in a poor experience for your customers.
  • Course Summary
    • Course Review