Consumer Buyer Behaviour

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Week 1: Consumer Behavior Knowledge
  • Introduction / Importance of Consumer Behaviour
  • "Forces that Drive the Change in Consumer Behaviour”
  • The Application of Consumer Buying Behaviour Principles to Strategic Marketing
  • The Role of Consumer Behaviour on Strategic Planning
  • Consumer Scene in India
Week 2: Market Segmentation
  • Market Segmentation / Benefits of Segmentation
  • Limitations of Segmentation / Bases for Segmentation
  • Criteria for Effective Targeting of Market Segments / Implementing Segmentation Strategies
Week 3: Consumer Research
  • Consumer Research Process
  • Conducting Segmentation Research Study
  • Development of Motivational Research
  • Methods in Psychology (For Motivation and Other Psychological Aspects to be Probed)
Week 4: Consumer Need & Motivation
  • Constantly Evolving Needs and Goals
  • Arousal of Motives
  • Types and System of Needs
Week 5: Personality and Consumer Behaviour
  • Personality Characteristics
  • Personality Theories
  • Personality and Consumer Behaviour
  • Brand Personality
Week 6: Consumer Psychographics and Perception
  • Understanding Psychographics / Application of Psychographic Analysis
  • Psychographic Consumer Segmentation Research: SRI VALS Program
  • Consumer Perception / Perceptual Mechanism
  • Store Image
Week 7: The Nature of Consumer Attitudes and Change
  • What are Attitudes?
  • Components of Attitude
  • Learning Process
Week 8: Diffusion and Adoption of New Products & Consumer Decision Making
  • The Diffusion Process
  • The Adoption Process
  • A Profile of the Consumer Innovator
  • Four Views of Consumer Decision Making
  • The Consumer Decision Making Process
  • Types of Purchase Decision Behaviours
  • Model of Buyer Behaviour
  • Post Purchase Behaviour
  • Relationship Marketing
Week 9: Consumer Protection in India
  • Consumers Need Protection – Why?
  • Consumer Guidance Society of India (CGSI)
  • Rights of Consumers
  • Consumer Movement
  • Consumerism and Consumers’ Rights and Responsibilities
  • Business Malpractices
  • Legislative Regulations
  • Consumer Protection Councils and Consumer Education
Week 10: Consumer Buyer Behaviour in Different Marketing Domains
  • Consumer Buyer Behaviour in Service Marketing
  • Consumer Buyer Behaviour in Business to Business Association