Construction methods and equipment management

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The key element for successful execution of any project is planning, which also includes planning of equipment. Due to recent advancement in mechanization, different models of machines are available in the market for a particular job. Hence the task of selection of right machine for the right job is quite challenging for project planner. Therefore, understanding of machine capabilities is very important for optimal selection and utilization of equipment. This course provides comprehensive information on guidelines for selection of equipment, estimation of cost and productivity of various equipment and determination of optimum replacement time of equipment. Knowledge on estimation of cost of equipment is very important, as accurate information on equipment cost is needed for preparation of bids. Further, a deep insight into excavation, pile driving methods, cranes and concreting equipment is provided, the information on which is very much essential for people working in construction industry
Post graduate students of Construction Technology and Management Specialization, Undergraduate students of Civil Engineering, People working in Construction Industries. PREREQUISITES : Engineering would be minimum qualification to understand the basics related to this course.INDUSTRIES SUPPORT :Larsen and Toubro, Caterpillar, Liebherr, Hyundai Construction Equipment India and other Construction Equipment Companies.