Construction Finance

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  • Introduction To The Construction Finance Course
    • Professor Ibrahim Odeh provides an overview of the Construction Finance course, and introduces the guest speakers.
  • The Mathematics of Money
    • Professor Ibrahim Odeh discusses the Mathematics of Money beginning with a definition of the Time Value of Money. Calculating simple and compound interest rates are covered along with distinguishing between nominal and effective interest rates. Illustrated in this module is drawing a cash flow diagram.
  • Real Estate Finance for Development Projects
    • Professor Anthony Webster introduces real estate finance providing an overview of the real estate project lifecycle, a discussion on zoning code parameters, and examples of estimating the sales price of a property.
  • Financial Plans for Development Projects
    • Professor Anthony Webster provides an in-depth look at designing and building commercial real estate by looking at financial plans. The module ends with a deep dive into decision tree analysis.
  • Project Finance
    • Professor Bob Dewing discusses project finance and provides an overview of Global Project Finance. The roles of stakeholders in project finance is reviewed in depth.
  • Risk In Project Finance
    • Eduardo Gamez discusses risk in project financing outlining the different entities involved in a transaction for a project.
  • Public - Private Partnerships
    • Karl Reichert introduces public and private partnerships.
  • Lean in Construction Financing
    • Sam Spata provides an overview of Lean in Construction Financing and describes how to identify and mitigate risk using Lean Project Delivery Systems.
  • Course Wrap-up
    • Professor Ibrahim Odeh wraps-up the Construction Finance course and discuss the Construction Management specialization.