Construction and operation of pumps for nuclear power plants

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  • Pump History
    • Module 1 gets the students familiar with pump history. You will learn the history of the development of pumps and features of the use of pumps in the power industry.
  • Classification and construction of pumps
    • In this module you will get acquainted with the classification of pumps, their principle of operation, design and installation.
  • The main nodes of the pump design
    • In this module you will be introduced to the main components of the pump design: casings, inlets, taps, rotors, seals and bearings.
  • Pump stage theory
    • In this module, you cover topics such as basic operating parameters, centrifugal pump stage theory, forces exerting on the impeller, cavitation and stage theory of axial flow pump.
  • Pump characteristic
    • In this module you will look at the various pump characteristics: theoretical and real.
  • Pump operation in the system
    • This final module is about the specifics of pumping on a network. In it you will consider pump operation in the system, flow rate regulation and pump instability.