Concept Art for Video Games

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In this course we will talk about Concept Art. As a final project we will create a fully finished environment concept, ready for presentation. Throughout the 4 week modules will dive deeply into composition and digital painting techniques to bring your art skills to the next level! So, let's get started!


-Welcome to the Concept Art Module! In this module you will learn how to create a fully finished Environment Concept Art for games. We will also cover best ways to study composition and digital painting techniques!

Week 01: Compositional Studies for Concept Art
-In the first week of the Concept Art for Games Module, we will see the importance and advantages of making tiny studies from film frames.

Week 02: Intro to 3D for Concept Art
-In the second week we will delve into the realm of 3D for Concept Art.

Week 03: Modeling and Exporting
-In the third week we will learn how to model the basic shapes of our scene and how to properly export the images to Photoshop

Week 04: Painting the Concept
-In the fourth and last week we will learn how to paint over the 3D images to create a fully finished concept