Computer Graphics

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Week 1: Introduction – historical evolution, issues and challenges, graphics pipeline, hardware and software basics Week 2: Object representation – boundary representation, splines, space partitioningWeek 3: Modeling transformations – matrix representation, homogeneous coordinate system, composition, 3D transformationsWeek 4: Illumination and shading – background, simple lighting model, shading models, intensity representation, color models, texture synthesisWeek 5: 3D viewing – viewing pipeline, view coordinate system, viewing transformation, projection, window-viewport transformationWeek 6: Clipping and hidden surface removal – clipping in 2D. 3D clipping algorithms, hidden surface removal Week 7: Rendering – scan conversion of line, circle, fill-area and characters, anti-aliasingWeek 8: Graphics hardware and software – generic architecture, I/O, GPU, Shader programming, graphics software (openGL)