Computer Aided Power System Analysis

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Week 1 : Review of modeling of power system components and formulation of YBUS matrixWeek 2 : Basic power flow equations and Gauss-Seidel load flow methodWeek 3 : Newton-Raphson load flow in polar co-ordinateWeek 4 : Newton-Raphson load flow in rectangular co-ordinate and introduction to Fast Decoupled load flow methodWeek 5 : Fast Decoupled load flow method and AC-DC load flow methodWeek 6 : Sparsity and optimal ordering methodsWeek 7 : LU decomposition and contingence analysisWeek 8 : Line outage sensitivity factor and method of least squareWeek 9 : Method of least square (contd..) and Introduction to AC state estimationWeek 10 : AC state estimation (contd..) and test for bad data detectionWeek 11 : Formulation of YBUS matrix of three phase unbalanced systemWeek 12 : Fault analysis in phase domain