Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacturing

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The Computer Aided design (CAD) is a Process use of Computers and software’s to aid in the creation, Modification, Analysis, or Optimization of a design.   Module 1: Introduction to CAD and this CAD part gives knowledge and skills on 2D and 3D Drafting.   Module 2: It describes about 2D and 3D Modelling, Modelling of Curves, Solids, Mechanisms and Assemblies. In this course also explains the Hardware and Software of CAD.   Module 3: It describes the CAD Display devices, Principles and Techniques of CAD display devises, Input and Output devices, Wireframe & Solid Modelling and its techniques, Operations, Comparison of wireframe & solid Modelling and Applications of CAD.   Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) is a Process is the use of computer and software to operate and control machine tools and facilitate the manufacturing of workpieces and products.   Module 4: Introduction of Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and gives knowledge and skills on the Numerical Control (NC) & Computer Numerical Control Machines (CNC).   Module 5: It describes the Principles of CNC and Coordinate Systems, Motion Control, working and operation of CNC, Advantages and disadvantages of CNC machines.   Module 6: It describes the various manufacturing systems as Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS), Components and types, approaches, layouts, problems, advantages and disadvantages. Also discussed about Automated Guided Vehicle Systems (AGVS), Types and control systems, charging and guidance methods, safety elements and task allocation and Computer Inventory Control, Management information Systems (MIS), Functions, storages and Decision support systems (DSS) components and benefits. Also discussed about Robotics, Types of Robots and features, robot anatomy, defining parameter, control systems and robot applications.



Week 1: Introduction to Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Week 2: 2 D & 3 D Modelling and CAD Functions & Applications.

Week 3: Display Devises, Working Principles and its various Techniques.

Week 4: Introduction to CAM.

Week 5: Working Principles of NC & CNC Machines.

Week 6 : Advanced Manufacturing Systems & its Applications