Computational Thinking with Javascript 1: Draw & Animate

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  • Introductions - and starting out with CT using graphics in JavaScript
    • This module introduces the instructors for this course and for the longer Computational Thinking with Javascript specialisation. A framework for understanding computational thinking is introduced and first steps are taken with Javascript, applying it in the context of simple graphics - drawing and animation.
  • Solving problems / programming a task
    • In this module, you take the foundations you have learned about computational thinking, some early programming constructs, and your program reading skills, and you start to learn about writing programs for tasks.
  • More complex drawings, and how to handle their descriptions
    • As our drawings become more complex, their descriptions will quickly become unwieldy. To counter this, we introduce programming language constructs that allow highly complex drawings to be described in just a few lines. They're a bit harder to understand at first, but in the long term, they're essential.
  • Animations - and consolidating what we've learned so far
    • Drawing still pictures is one thing - but the process-oriented element of programming lends itself to animation - an activity taking place over time. In this module, we'll make use of all we've learned so far to create animations. Functions will be used in a new and important way - as a so-called "callback" - which form the foundation of interactive programming as we'll see in Course 3 of the specialisation.