Computational Thinking for K-12 Educators: Sequences and Loops

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  • Course Orientation
    • Meet Dr. Simon and fellow learners in this class! Find out what you’ll be doing and learning.
  • Computational Thinking and Sequences
    • Is computational thinking everywhere? Reflect on computational thinking in your life and brainstorm instructions for real world tasks. Discuss the process by which we become better computing teachers and create a block-based program in Snap by reordering a set of provided instructions.
  • More Sequences
    • Get ready to do some programming puzzles! Create a Snap program and reflect on what aspects of the program students might struggle with. Work on challenge questions and reflect on how to discuss sequences in a classroom setting. Take a break from Snap and explore the curriculums to create an assessment question!
  • Repeats
    • Invent a faster way to write instructions for your robotic friend! Get started solving programming puzzles that use repeats and reflect on what areas students might struggle with. Reinforce your knowledge as you complete a set of programs on google slides -- this time without using Snap to check your work!
  • More Repeats
    • More programming with repeats - except with a bit of a challenge! Explore the free curriculum on’s platform analyzing the feedback and hints they provide for their activities. Work closely in their artist environment and examine the difference between block-based programming and your work in Snap.
  • Equity & Pedagogy
    • Who is learning CS? How is CS being taught? Learn about the state of CS standards and teacher credentialing. Evaluate pedagogy techniques such as pair and buddy programing -- how effective are they in teaching CS?