Computational Systems Biology

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Every living cell is the result beautifully concerted interplay of metabolic, signalling and regulatory networks. Systems biology has heralded a systematic quantitative approach to study these complex networks, to understand, predict and manipulate biological systems. Systems biology has had a positive impact on metabolic engineering as well as the pharmaceutical industry. This course seeks to introduce key concepts of mathematical modelling, in the context of different types biological networks. The course will cover important concepts from network biology, modelling of dynamic systems and parameter estimation, as well as constraint-based metabolic modelling. Finally, we will also touch upon some of the cutting-edge topics in the field. The course has a significant hands-on component, emphasizing various software tools and computational methods for systems biology.

INTENDED AUDIENCE : Interested learnersPREREQUISITES : Basic knowledge of a high-level programming language (preferably MATLAB)INDUSTRY SUPPORT : Bioprocess industries / Computational Biology Companies, e.g. MedGenome, Vantage Research

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