Computational Social Science Capstone Project

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  • Getting Started and Milestone 1
    • For this milestone, you will again web scrape videos from two YouTube channels. You will be assigned two channels to scrape. In contrast to the previous version of this exercise, you will NOT scrape the featured videos of the specified news channel, but the search results of the name of the news channel in combination with your name.
  • Milestone 2: Social Network Analysis
    • In this milestone, you will analyze a social network with help of the software Gephi.
  • Milestone 3: Natural Language Processing
    • In this milestone of our Integrative Lab, you will select two of the key videos identified with help of our SNA, and analyze the sentiment and emotions contained in the comment sections of the videos. We use NLP from IBM Watson for this.
  • Milestone 4: Agent-Based Computer Simulations
    • In this milestone, you will take all the data you created in the previous milestones and use a two-step flow model and discover how ideas can diffuse into society. Through this exercise you will grow your own artificial society from the bottom-up.